Meet Chef and Artist Rodrigo E. Villarroel

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A native of Chile, Chef Rodrigo prepares unique dishes inspired by his passion for fresh, organic ingredients and his love of culinary arts.

He is also an accomplished fine artist and sculptor,

and has published a health educational children book called "Shots to the Rescue."

He is able to bring his artistic talents to the kitchen, creating edible masterpieces so breathtaking that they engage all the human senses.

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"Many of you have asked me why I left Hawaii… As a chef and artist, I have of course enjoyed living surrounded by the natural beauty of the islands, and I thought I would always live there.

But, thirteen years ago, while living in Honolulu, my wife Karina and I were blessed with the birth of our son Diego… and then soccer happened… Soccer ??? Yes, soccer. 

My dear son's passion for the sport can only be compared to my passion towards art and food and it didn't take us long to figure that there is one place where one can experience all these things.

FLORENCE. The birth place of the  renaissance, the birth place of zero kilometer food and WOW!, have you ever seen the passion Italians feel for soccer. And so, a new journey has began, and we welcome you to visit us to experience it all: My creative cuisine with fresh local ingredients, the Chianti wines, the art, and if you are up for it… maybe we'll also go to a soccer game together.

For the ones that have been with me in Hawaii, you already know my unique approach to food and life, and for the new customers, I can assure you that you will enjoy an experience like no other."

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Meet Karina A. Villarroel

Karina has been working in the hospitality industry for 30 years. Her experience expands from working for brands; such as  Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, one of the world’s leading luxury hotel groups, to luxurious casinos, resorts, spas and private golf club communities. Karina has developed unparalleled expertise in hotels and the service industry. They say that the number one reason people choose Hospitality Management as a career is because “you make people’s day” and she couldn’t agree more. 
Her love and passion to offer world class service has brought her to many places. Now in Florence, she will take care of every detail of your trip.
“For many years, I enjoyed working as a manager for companies such as Harrah’s, Borgata, Mandarin Oriental, Kohanaiki, etc; now, it is such a privilege to join my husband at Rapa Nui Cucina - Tuscany; a company that he started in Hawaii...
We had our dreams and I think we pretty much have accomplished them. Now it is time to support the dreams of our son...”