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Maria Chiara Mallardi has been licensed as a Professional Guide in Florence and its province since 1998. 
She studied English in the UK and also at UCLA (US). 
She graduated at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, where she also studied History and Psychology of Art. 
In 2003, she took a second degree at the University of Florence in Anthropology of Renaissance Art - topic – Leonardo da Vinci. 
She has worked as a teacher in Italian schools and has been employed at the Florence Cultural Department as Curator Assistant.
Chiara has represented the city by being the tour guide for many dignitaries, including 
J. M Barrroso, President of the European Commission, Al Gore, Vice President of the United States and Nobel Prize Winner, Paul Allen, Co-founder of Microsoft, General Lance Smith, NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, Lorenzo Carcaterra, Travel Editor for National Geographic, etc.
Her interest on the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci took Chiara into another adventure, and in 2017 she published L’Antropologia di Leonardo. 
Her book presents him as a man whose doubts and questions proved to be more fertile and stimulating than his certainties.