This is what to expect during your exclusive visit to Rapa Nui Cucina in Tuscany

Your holiday begins at the moment you meet our driver, who will take you from the airport to our villa (your home for the next seven nights). After you have settled in your suite, we'll get to know each other over aperitivo. We only host up to six guests per trip, so our first evening together will be enjoyed in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.
In between cocktails, we will introduce to you how the rest of the week will look like...
After your first night, this is your itinerary at a glance:​​
Every morning Chef Rodrigo will prepare a fresh balanced breakfast, which we will enjoy together in the comfort of our home. Same will apply to most dinners, with the exception of one night, which will spend at Chef Rodrigo's favorite restaurant in Florence.
During your stay with us, we will experience Tuscany along some of our Italian friends, who are expert guides on each of their fields. 
We will visit castles in Chianti, where we will learn at first hand the millenary winemaking tradition of this region, while having a Tuscan lunch, each dish paired with the correct wine.
Tuscany is home to seven UNESCO Heritage Sites and you will be delighted when we take you to some of them; such as Siena and San Gimignano.
Depending of the time of the year you choose to visit us, places such as Arezzo, will make your Christmas spirit come to life, as you walk in Piazza Grande to the smell of hot chocolate in a unique Renaissance setting.
Your private visit to the Uffizi Gallery will be a memorable one, as our friend and art expert Chiara Mallardi will awake your soul by explaining to you in detail the work of Michelangelo
Chiara will also be your private guide during our trip to Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo. She is the perfect person to take you on the footsteps of one the masters of the Renaissance. Her passion for this genius artist has given us "L'antropologia di Leonardo", her first book, which she will share with you along this magical trip to this picturesque
village immerse in the Tuscan hills.
And of course a trip to Florence will not be complete without experiencing the art of perfume making, a visit to an artisan jeweler on the Ponte Vecchio or an afternoon tea at a home of a noble family.
Tuscany is a fascinating place that can't be explained in words. Just as you did when you visited Rapa Nui Cucina in Hawaii to taste Chef Rodrigo's unique cuisine, we now invite you to come and explore with us at first-hand this incredible land.
Those of you who came to Hawaii know that dinner at Rapa Nui Cucina was more than just a dinner. It was a time to taste delicious food, but most important it was a time to share life stories, dreams and desires. We did that every night during your five-course dinner, which lasted three, four, sometimes five hours. Imagine what we will share in a week. You will bring home cooking recipes, beautiful pictures, books, paintings and a bottle of wine… or two.
Yet, your most precious souvenir will not be the one that you'll carry in your luggage, it will be the one you carry in your heart. 
In Hawaii we say, "What happens in Hawaii stays with you forever"
In Italy Anna Akhmatova said it best , “Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life”
We are ready to welcome you starting March 2020

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